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01: On purpose and truth

02: Today in Beirut

03: On Identity

The Idea Jar

** There are a number of small things that provide clear indication that you don’t just love someone, but love them quite spectacularly. I have come to the conclusion that one such indicator is hearing a song and then feeling the profound urge to share it with this one person. Sharing a song that absolutely moves you is really wonderful and sharing it with someone you love ensures they’ll hear it. When you know them in a certain way, you kind of just know when a song will hit them in the way it hit you. That’s a deep knowledge of another person – one that is a connection of souls. Man, that shit is beautiful; this inherent mixtape making desire.

** On the topic of love, I would note as well another of these indicators that came to me a few months back. We each have independent dreams and goals. At times we may be asked to sacrifice these in the interest of a loved one. To be self-sacrificing is, in my opinion, one of the most important components of true love. But, this is not exactly what I am referring to here. No, rather, there is an indicator of immense love to be found when the things that your loved one truly desires with all of his or her heart become things that you subsequently desire with all of your heart; when the things that bring the greatest happiness are those that bring happiness to the ones you love. (When you think about it, it is those very people who find an abundance of such space inside of them – so much that it allows them to apply this type of love to everyone, regardless of association – who end up becoming canonized Saints).