The Code Switch

A pro-feminist song directed at (American) men and society at large. Lyrics below. Special thanks to Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Fox News and Patrick Bateman for content. On Premier’s “Full-Clip”.
– Saint Petersburg, June 2017


Verse 1
Fuck the bro-ish flow which
Needs to be, immediately put on notice
This the code switch, move to woman from bitch
And lose that itch that puts their place in the kitchen
‘Cause this goes out to those that choose to use
Disrespectful views, on my friends cause they’re feminine.

I’m straight sending men
Those who are offending them
Two pills of Excedrin
A little help for remembering
she is not apropos to a skank or ho

That’s non-negotiableAll those acts so reproachable
A woman getting angry doesn’t mean that she’s emotional

“She’s a fucking pig, yeah I’d say a 4
She can suck my dick; that little fucking whore”

“Dude, I fucked this broad in the back of my car;
She was fucking wasted chilling out at the bar.
So, I swooped in scooped her up in my arms
Laid on the charm told her I’m just back from the war”

“Dude, that ain’t nothing listen up to this shit,
met this chick on tinder, got her digits, sent a dick pic.
She replied with a naked shot from behind.
Waste no time, put that shit right online, went viral,
Now her fucking life’s in a spiral”

“Well bro, I met this ho passed out on the metro,
Woke her ass up with something real special.
Unzipped my fly, Put to up in her eye
Bitch was shy, I knew she really wants to comply”

“You know I warned that woman
But she still persisted
So I shut her ass up but she still resisted
Little Feminist bitch in a hissy fit
You know she needs a good slap and some discipline”

“I moved on her a bitch
But that that chick was married
But I’m rich and I’m white
So I take what I like
You know, grab ‘em by the pussy
They don’t care if I’m pushy
‘Cause me and Billy Bush bePissing on fat dykes”

Let me litigate a little bit and set you straight
On the state of what we rate as a case that’s considered rape
Uninvited, unrequited
I don’t fucking care if you excited
Or you say that she liked it
She said no, now let it goI’ll say it slow
No means No
That there is unequivocal
It’s not a quizzical question
Not a suggestion
Don’t keep pressing
You two won’t have anything physical
And that’s a principle you should just sit and listen to
Don’t be prone to be owned by your testosterone.

This the code switch,
Git your dome fixed
switch your code quick
Stitch your mouth closed
If you’re prone to spit the word bitch

So sing along with me
Bring an end to misogyny
It ain’t a mystery
You’re on the wrong side of history

If you insist to exist
up in a dichotomy
Of her and me,
get yourself a full frontal lobotomy

Be a feminist in every sense
Don’t reminisce of good ol’ days
When women were basically enslaved

Drop the rage
Leave the cave
And your ways depraved
Move to a modern age
Where we’re all engaged

Don’t be bragging
‘Bout your Cro-Magnon, knuckle dragging ass,
‘Cause your actions they be laggingin the past

Be the solution
Be resolute in those views you using
Choosing to refuse to ever
Treat women with abuse, son

Verse 2
If a woman acts assertive she’s a cunt
But if a man does it well he’s a leader who’s just being blunt

Wait a sec before you interject and get abrupt
When a woman’s speaking
we’re more than twice as likely to interrupt.

Imagine walking down the street
Getting cat called
By neanderthals
Treating you like you were meat

And if you don’t reply
To that passerby
you’re stuck up
I’m more than mortified
I decry that is fucked up

But if she gets furious
she must be on her period
Delirious, while us men acting civil and serious

Dude, it’s not a compliment
Your constant harassment
It’s crass
Use your common sense
This shit has a consequence

And if she wears revealing clothes
She’s gotta be a ho
And if she’s showing too much skin
She’s asking to be approached
And if there’s sexual assault then it’s her fault
I’d laugh ‘cause it’s ridiculous
But sadly it’s ubiquitous
Dick pics, unsolicited
I’m sick of pricks continuous
uninhibited malice
she don’t want to see your phallus

Let’s cut those callous ways of being
fucking heathens
Me included
‘cause sometimes
My vision’s skewed
With an attitude that needs improvement