The Love Letter Project

Unabashedly, I would have you know that I love life. I sometimes just suffer from amnesia, is all. I also love writing. In recent years, I’ve challenged myself to do more of both. This process has led to a series of exhortations that focus on: (1) being more mindful of the beauty that surrounds me; and (2) sitting down and formally engaging in the creative outlet that is the written form. 

Suddenly, it struck me: why not take that jelly and spread it on top of that peanut butter? With this, the “Love Letter Project” was born. Here, I will challenge myself to “quickly” pen a love letter once a month over the course of a year that extols the virtues of something in life that makes me happy and/or fills me me with wonder/admiration. 

Love Letter List

  1. An ode to foreign languages