Lazy Saturday


Over the beat “Jazz, Jazz, Jazz” by FloFliz
– Tel Aviv, 10.2017


Unwinding to its own logic
Sun on her shoulder carving curves of sublime optics
Intertwined minds confined within a sea of white
Skin, Egyptian cotton problems forgotten whet your appetite
Fresh ground Ethiopian
Sleepy sounds of the street seep through windows open then
Pancake batter, bacon splatter, Jamaican patois

The cool ruler, a bus to Babylon
Switch up the Youtube put that Buju Banton on.

Sketches of Spain
A Life of leisure
Taking the A-Train
Spend your nights in Tunisia

Endless paths to ponder
no past pressing upon ya.
Stressless Time to saunter
Stretches out, it’s time to wander
present so effervescent
It opens up your senses
Soles of a sentience spell a sentence
and kiss concrete
sunlit faces, laced embraces
Comfortably complete

One table, two seats
Unable to place a label
On the taste where eyes meet

Folded pulped paper split into sections
Silent sculpted moments. Private reflections.
Headlines. Grapevines. Great minds. Rates of crime
A World so distant in that instance where you reside
Sequences of secrets
17 across.
4 letter word for never seen or lost

Conversation, no complication
laughing head back, half caf
Libations passed through a carafe

Roam aves haphazardly
Lavishly free of the gravity
Apathy towards technology
That mobile phone’s at home
Fruit flowing forth from grocers’ stalls, local grown

Speaking in staccato
Slow painting a Picasso
Moscato, French
Gelato on a bench
Soft cheese, gentle breeze
Pleasures of the flesh

Bare feet, greet green grass
Care free, no hourglass
The last gasp of the rays stay
Stubborn, a sunburn on display

A lazy Saturday