Exorcising Exercise



Over PoisonFlowerz beat “Books of War”
– Paris, 12.2016


Verse 1
That shit was normal
I mean it in the fully-formed formal sense
yet, intense Depriving me of innocence

She stood 5 foot 9,
A live wire
Vulpine, so fine
A fire I felt in my spine

Desire so sublime
Aspire just to intertwine
My entire time divined a design to make her mine
I met her on a Monday
Seeming mundane
Then it was ordained
To exist on another plane

She was like a riddle
Scribbled into scripture
stripped of scripted, primped
Filtered false depictions

She moved with a tempo
10 fold on a tent pole
That would tensely tempt you
Till it hit you in the temple

So much soul
She could swallow whole
your cold heart
So I whole heartedly had a part that’s her property

You ask me, I could see it
Like it was prophecy
How we obviously
ought to be propagating our progeny

but that was back then…And I can’t pretend I wasn’t so wrongThis ain’t a love song

Verse 2

That shit was manic man
I mean I fell into a panic and
Got frantic like it turned into Afghanistan

Double standards I couldn’t understand
Then How everything about me
She would always reprimand

And criticize
Can’t believe I would internaize
Her issues which she refused to realize

I would sympathize
get nothing but vitriol
Never met someone so fucking hypocritical
But I couldn’t quit, couldn’t seem to let her go
Visceral when it slipped became so miserable
Pitiful because I shared my world with
an individual treating me like I was worthless.

And I ain’t perfectBut I ain’t deserve this.

Verse 3

That shit was messed up
Depressed, guess what
Well I just pressed my luck
Naïve to believe and perceive she ever gave a fuck

She stood 5’9”,
a  contrived liar
serpentine, straight turpentine
Depriving me of what was mine

She left me on a Saturday
Bereft I’m sad to say
When I reflect about the way
She did it with such disrespect

She was a narcissist
Architect of an artifice
The opposite of the promise  she started with

Duplicitous, but she insists
That she is shawled in innocence
Meticulous when insidious
Ya’ll, I mean ridiculous

To mistake placing faith in her,
Time and space  that I waste on her
It’s a crime I can’t erase
her face and the distaste of her

This is an exorcising exercise
I expect to expel an ex
and recognize the evidence
You’re not the person you  project

See I regret ever believing you
Sitting and grieving over you
And now what I’m bequeathing you
Is this letter I’m breathing to.

So I seal it and send it
repeal this ordeal and mend it
No more feeling repentant
I leave it right here and end it.

This song for sure is closure.
Yes sir.
That shit is over.