Stuck in quarantine for more than 4 months in a foreign country where I don’t know anyone and have only a loose grasp on the language, my needs became apparent. I needed to laugh. In English.

In response, the following set of videos were recorded. These are all first runs at applying comedic ideas I had only mentally organized and which could potentially be more fully developed later on.

After a cancer scare during quarantine as well, I started to conceive of my own mortality. It occurred to me that I would derive no greater satisfaction than knowing I might be able to bring a smile to someone’s face even after I was gone.

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The horror of dropping your phone

Society is falling apart, but we should’ve seen it coming.

The Horror & Beauty of Instagram

Instagram is a crazy place. While I recognize that I am exposing myself as a bitter old man, I refuse to accept that this is where we’ve arrived as a civilization.

The Secret Benefits of Covid Masks

Sure, wearing protective masks sucks. But, there are some hidden benefits besides the tiny one of saving people’s lives.

The Insanity of Pet Accounts on Instagram

Let’s take a moment to finally acknowledge the insanity involved in all of these Instagram accounts for pets. Yes, I am quite upset that every animal on Instagram has more followers than me.

X Delivery: The DMX Inspired Delivery Service

A very, very stupid bit which identifies how a delivery service inspired by rapper DMX would look like.

Coming up with a good rapper name

If you never thought about what your hypothetical rapper name would be, you are grossly unprepared for an emergency and shouldn’t be trusted outdoors in the current environment without a hazmat suit. Shame on you: you’ll never have a better opportunity to contemplate life’s essential questions. Make hay, my child, the sun is shining.

God and Instagram

Instagram is completely incompatible with Instagram, but also kinda completely compatible.

American Absurdity

A light-hearted assessment of how messed up we are in the United States

Part 1: Extremism (American Absurdity)

Observations on the absurd extremism of the United States.

Part 2: Competition (American Absurdity)

People from the United States are never satisfied and want to make everything into a competition.

Part 3: Monopoly (American Absurdity)

The game of Monopoly is both stupid and, at times, dangerous. It is also quintessentially American.

Part 4: Massachusetts (American Absurdity)

Massachusetts isn’t just hard to say or spell: it’s also hard to tolerate sometimes. I love my home state, but there’s a reason why others refer to us as “Massholes”

Part 5: Complaining (American Absurdity)

The average American today lives better than Ghengis Khan. And still…the things that we complain about.

Part 6: Entitlement (American Absurdity)

We have a heck of a lot in the United States. Let’s all aspire to be more grateful and generous.